Home Gardeners Visit

I try to do a few of the home gardeners visits on a regular basis. Just to get to know the people, their gardens and to see what they have done with my planter donations.

The one I’m sharing with you here is from the communities: Delft, Drift Wood and Kayelitscha/Makhaza. I’m humbled every time about the way I’m welcomed into the peoples homes – they show me their gardens and tell me about their passions. What did they plant and why. What are their troubles and what they wish for their families. They are so creative with their container painting that they impress me every time with the way they used their limited space and resources.

Its a motivation to me to spread the word about them, the programme they are part of with Soil For Life and my Growbag project. My ideal would be to give these communities more and more planters so they can be even more successful with their beautiful gardens, to feed their families with the food they are growing.