Gardening At The Pinocchio Crèche

Our latest community support project is the Pinocchio Crèche in Green point, a NGO founded by Maggie Shongwe in 1984. The creche is currently caring for roughly 60 children of domestic workers who work in the area. Maggie and her daughter Helen are focusing on the education of children but are also providing balanced and healthy meals made with vegetables grown in their own urban garden.

“There is a natural magnetic attraction between children and the earth, whether it’s making mud or discovering a germinating seed emerges from the earth. Gardening with children, from toddlers to adolescents, opens new windows in a world dominated by technology. Pinocchio Crèche is pioneering for children to first learn how to take care of the earth before being taught to conquer the world.”

We have been connected with Maggie and Helen though another project for a few years now, we love the passion the have for their work as well as their vision and so we made a number of xl/xxl size planters available for them to grow in. The gardening session of few of the planters took place last week during the visit of a team of Harvard University volunteers who assisted in the process. It was so much fun filling the planters with the kids who were eager to learn all about gardening!