Donating our upcycled planting container bags has been the goal ever since we started the Growbag project! Help us donate one Size L Growbag planter to a Home Gardener in the urban gardening communities of the Soil for Life Org. This size planter is big enough to plantvegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, potatoes as well as various herbs.

How it works: By clicking the Donate button you will be directed to the Paypal website and will be billed 13$ (the equivalent of the Size L planter price in ZAR). 


SnapScanYou are also welcome to donate via the SnapScan app on your phone. Simply scan the QR code and type the donation amount (ZAR 190). Please email us your full name so we can get in touch.



We will email you images of your donation being recieved by the Home Gardener in one of the various gardening communities of the Soil For Life Org. the next time we visit them. To view images of previous Growbag donations please visit the IMAGES tab and scrawl down to Growbag planting container bags in Community Gardens.

Your donation goes a long way! With your help we can expand the donations to more underprivileged gardening communities of South Africa in future and for that we THANK YOU in advance!