Converse Africa donates GROWbag planters to urban farming communities in Cape Town

Cape Town based NGO, “Soil For Life” has been delivering training on food gardening in underprivileged communities across the city for over 12 years. They teach people how to establish organic vegetable gardens at their homes, ensuring they can provide themselves and their families with health nutritious vegetables and assisting them to live a more sustainable life. “We decided to support Soil For Life as they run great programmes, teaching communities how to plant and manage their own urban farms and in the process recycling and reusing waste.” says Manuela Wall, founder of “Our planters have been created entirely out of old billboard advertising material and are specifically designed to create a rich growing environment where soil and space are in short supply.”

November 21st was the Annual Home Food Garden Competition prize giving. There were over 100 individuals from various communities across Cape Town in attendance – some of whom had only just completed Soil For Life’s 3 month long “Home Food Garden program”. It was an extremely successful event and SFL are very proud of what the home gardeners have achieved. As a wonderful end to the event each individual was gifted a GROWbag planter, with which they will be able to keep a family of four in regular supply of home grown vegetables! “SFL would like to express our gratitude and thanks to GROWbag for their wonderful donation. The home gardeners were delighted to receive the GROWbag planters and will definitely put them to good use.” stated Louise Vaughan of Soil for Life.

This was made possible by Converse Africa, who donated their old billboard material and paid for the manufacturing of these GROWbag planters – more are in production and will be donated in the next months. “Converse is the first corporate in South Africa to partner with GROWbag and we are extremely honoured they came on board and that they share the same vision we do. All too often billboard skins are not disposed of correctly and are simply thrown away – with GROWbag we are able create a new and useful product that continues to add value long after the billboard campaign has run its course.” says Manuela.

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