This bespoke range is a “limited edition” that has been created out of the need to offer a more consistent colour range for all those who like clean patterns and wish to place repeat orders of the same product. The vinyl material used for the body of the planter has been printed, however we use the upcycled billboard material for the base of the planter, in order to stay true to our core values of upcycling. The printed vinyl planter range comes in two sizes only – Small and Medium. Each planter has drainage holes, so that soil with seeds, seedlings and plants can be planted straight into the bag.

The STRIPY planter range is designed with hand-drawn horizontal lines and can be printed in 6 different colours: yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black. Our planting container bags all have drainage holes so that they can be planted up as any other planter. They come as floor/table planters and as hanging/vertical planters – we use black PPM sailing rope for the strap that is ca. 75cm long and adjustable.

Growbag Stripy Range


Small: R 210  //  S hanging: 260
Medium: R 230   //   M hanging: R 280