The range of upcycled planting container/bags which has been created to serve only one purpose: To fit into ones life and any living space! Billboard advertising vinyl material that would normally be thrown away is converted into an unique range of planters – creating new life by growing plants! This vinyl is highly durable and incredibly long lasting – which makes it the ideal  material for our planting container bags!

Each Growbag is handmade in Cape Town with attention to detail in order to create unique planter range that is sustainable and eco-friendly. We employ a skilled team who pride themselves with quality work and ethics – with this project we are empowering our staff and creating jobs.


Our Growbag planters are 100% recycled – we only use two materials to create this new generation of planters: old billboard vinyl/PVC and special wax coated polyester thread. Each planter is one of a kind in colour – the vinyl print on the outside of the bag is carefully selected, so that it creates an interesting story. Particular parts of the bag have been reinforced to ensure the best quality outdoor planters. All bags have been rigorously tested in order to make these outdoor planters durable in all weather conditions as well as to ensure that the perfect growing condition is created for any plant.

All our planting container bags have drainage holes so that they can be planted up – the soil goes straight inside! We use black PPM sailing rope for the strap that is ca. 75cm long and adjustable for the hanging Small and Medium size planter bags. Our planters are light in weight, the handles provide the flexibility needed to move or carry. The side pockets allow for extra grow-space or can be used for storage of gardening utensils. The specification sheet under the Range tab shows details and drawings of each bag.

NB: We do our best to choose the best parts of the vinyl to recycle, however due to the duration of the advertising billboard being exposed to the weather, the transport and handling of this heavy duty material some parts of the planter might show imperfections of the surface. These do not change the functionality of the product, but simply give the item its unique character.


The Growbag idea came about after an extensive research for sustainable products for my website, an online shop and wholesale service for bespoke products from the African continent. The opportunity arose from having access to the billboard material and meeting skilled people who could transfer the idea into products. Being European myself and living in an urban environment all my life, with limited space for growing plants, is the root for my desire to make the creation of urban gardens an easy task for everyone. The consciousness of knowing where our food comes from and learning what it takes to be living sustainably played a big role within the journey of creating the Growbag range.